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On April 1, 1992, LA ORQUESTA CANELA was born in the city of Cali, under the direction of María Fernanda Múnera Ricci and Alvaro Cuervo Villafañe. This was an all-female group that stood out for including wind instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, etc. in their music. Three months after its inception, the group was invited to the First Festival of Beer in Cali, with the participation of other successful and well known orchestras such as the Sonora Ponceña, The Great Combo of Puerto Rico, Grupo Niche, and Guayacán, among others. In November 1992 the first album was recorded under the musical direction of Mr. Alvaro Cuervo, being able to extract excellent quality of interpretation from the beginning. In December of that same year, the group was awarded first place as the “Best Debuting Orchestra” in the Festival of Orchestras of the Cali Fair. The songs that make up this recording are: “Asi Son Las Caleñas”, “Buen Rumbero”, and “Que No Pudo Ser”, among others.


After the resounding success met with the first work, the orchestra began to look for its own identity with the support of the best musicians and arrangers from Colombia and Puerto Rico, working under the production of Angelo Torres and Jorge Herrera. This original project helped to open up the borders to Mexico and Puerto Rico. “Embrujo de Amor” became a classic Salsa theme, requested by the general public in every performance. The song "I Love Colombia" included in this work represented a new anthem that led to the support of our outstanding artistic and sports personalities. The themes that make up this album are: “Embrujo De Amor”, “Yo Amo A Colombia” “Quisiera Y No Puedo”, “Hasta Que Muera”, “Amiga Mia”, “Un Toque Diferente”, “Siento Tu Brisa” and “Asi Es Canela”.


Recorded in Puerto Rico by the most prestigious musicians of the salsa genre, this album was again under the direction of the renowned arranger and trombonist Angelo Torres. The combination of the Canela’s distinctive sound at work with the passion and energy of its members created, then and now, a vibrant environment of typical Colombian music with a particular and unmistakable style. “Contaminame”, “Dime Que Quieres”, “Juanchito”, “Vivo”, “Tu Intrusa Y Amante”, “No Me Mientas Mas”, “Tanto Nos Amamos”, and “Llueve” are the songs that make up this third production.


The fourth album of the group became known as “Sin Fronteras”, recorded under the musical direction of Alvaro Cuervo and the production of Angelo Torres in the “Mas Audio” studios in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with the participation of arrangers like Tommy Villariny and Ramón Sánchez, both widely recognized in the world of salsa. This production, the fourth one in the group’s then four year existence, required more than two hundred hours of recording without mixing. The songs that make up this album are “Hablale A La Luna”, “Quien Mas Te Quiso”, “Amor De Fantasia”, “Y Ven” by Pandora, “Tamborera” by Jorge Herrera and “Quiero Rumbear” by Victor Manuelle, Ginno Ramírez, and Angelo Torres, among others.


This record production consolidated in a single album all of the greatest hits that Canela put out since the beginning. The record label Codiscos S.A. chose the songs that were most successful in different fields, both nationally and internationally. The label recognized that in a relatively short time the group stood out as one of the best in its genre, not only in Colombia but in multiple Latin American countries. The songs that make up this production are “Embrujo De Amor”, “Contaminame”, “Quien Mas Te Quiso”, “Amor De Fantasia”, “No Me Mientas Mas”, “Hablale A La Luna”, “Tamborera”, “Quiero Rumbear”, “Yo Amo A Colombia”, “Juanchito”, “Dime Que Quieres” and “Que Tonta Fui”.

CANELA – 1999

The penultimate year of the century represented the start of Canela as international. The first of two tours was to the countries of the north, namely, the United States and Canada, where they enjoyed the summer in the cities of Miami, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Toronto, and Montreal. The second tour then took Canela across the Atlantic into various European countries. The group started bringing its music and energy to all the thousands of Latinos and Hispanics who were in these countries yearning for the joy of Colombian music. The year concluded with an invitation from the most important channel available to Latinos in this country, Univision, which led to Canela bringing excitement to thousands of Salsa-loving fans and musicians by participating in the number one show in Hispanic television “Despierta America”.


In the year 2000, without ever imagining it, little by little the music of Canela was welcomed in Venezuela until it reached the top spot in the Latin Charts, remaining as the #1 song for several consecutive weeks. The group achieved popularity in Colombia’s brother country with songs like “Amiga Mia”, “Tu Intrusa Y Amante” and “Embrujo De Amor”. A Venezuelan crowd favorite, “Amiga Mia” motivated Venezuelan television broadcasters to include Canela in their programming. This is how Canela came to participate in “Sabado Sensacional” and an exclusive interview with “Mayte”. All this immediately caused great interest in businessmen who ventured to bring the group to its peak through a grand tour throughout the Venezuelan territory. This tour, the first in this country, began on the first of September, with a series of concerts in the cities of Caracas, Maracay and Higuerote, alternating with Willie Gonzalez, Luisito Carrión, Paquito Guzmán and Costa Brava, among others. “Sabado Sensacional”, “Mayte”, and “Viviana A Media Noche” of the Venevisión TV channel were some of the TV shows that were re-recorded as a promotional complement to this grand tour that ensured a bright future for Canela.

CANELA – 2001/2002

In 2001, Canela recorded the song “El Mujeriego”, which easily won the “Hit of the Cali Fair” award. Then in 2002, Canela recorded “Que Borrachera”, which also won the “Hit of the Cali Fair” for a second year in a row, a feat rarely achieved.
“There will be neither house nor party that does not enjoy the sound of this song, this song that evokes the fairs in Cali in the clubs of years past, in the Matecaña Caseta and its wild parties... As the song says: Long live the Fair! And I will not answer for myself, for what might happen tonight.”


After the success met in the previous two years of the Cali Fair with the songs “El Mujeriego” and “Que Borrachera”, Canela returned with a new album recorded in Miami under the production of Mr. Gustavo Arenas, an excellent international musician, with songs like “La Pata De Mi Cama” and “Abreme Las Puertas”. The album was titled “Sumando Suenos” with lots of internationally acclaimed songs, full of classic Latin rhythms, and songs that became hits of the year in multiple countries.

CANELA – 2006

2006 became a year full of surprises. In the month of May, the group was invited to tour the United States, where they toured around the Carolinas, New Jersey, and New York, leaving a Colombian flavor within the American public. In July, Canela went on tour again throughout multiple American states, Montreal in Canada, and closing the tour in London, England, performing in their “Carnival of the People” where more than 80 thousand people shared and delighted in the tropical sound of Canela. In December 2006, the group recorded a single entitled “Y Que?” Composed by Diego Javier Gonzalez and produced by Angelo Torres, Canela revisited its typical style while starting to new innovative ideas to their music.


After the end of the third tour in 2008 in the United States, Canela released its new production entitled “Canela... Mas Internacional” to the public. This “Live” production is a CD/DVD compilation of ten great hits collected throughout all sixteen years of Canela’s life at the time. "Sonrisas" is a song included in this work that was also chosen as the main theme for the end of the year festivities as part of the 51st Annual Cali Fair. It is a mixture of Bugaloo and Reggaetón, resulting in a pleasant and contagious musical innovation. Canela with “Sonrisas” continues to delight all its followers in a cheerful, warm, and familiar atmosphere within the framework of holiday celebrations, as it did in 2001 and 2002 with the songs “El Mujeriego” and “Que Borrachera” respectively in the city of Cali. Thanks to this production, the members of Canela welcomed an invitation to perform at the most important Salsa Congress in Philadelphia called “The Power of Women in Salsa”. There they shared the stage with Yolandita Rivera, Annette Carrión, América and her Tumbancha, and Doremi from Japan.

CANELA – 2009/2010

For this season, Canela presented a new hit called “Mi”. A song where the members of Canela could express what was a new up and coming trend: meeting and falling in love... on the internet. “Mi” is for all lovers of the virtual network: a love shared through the 21st Century’s most used platform: the internet.

CANELA – 2011/2012

In 2011, Canela once again traveled to the United States in the month of July and embarked on a fifteen performance tour in cities such as New York, New Jersey, Washington, North Carolina, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Houston, and San Antonio. The group also performed for world renowned TV shows such as the “Show de Don Francisco” and “Despierta America”, delighting the public with “Pal Bailador”, a well-known and beloved song re-recorded in the typical style of Canela. In the month of August, the group went to Mexico, a country which all of the members of Canela carry in their hearts because of the immense support from the Mexican public for all their greatest hits such as “Amiga Mia”, “Embrujo De Amor”, “Leave”, and “Tu Intrusa Y Amante”. In December of the same year, Canela accompanied Yolandita Rivera at Cali Fair, performing her greatest hits such as “Borinquen”, “Hasta Que Se Rompa El Cuero”, “Ahora Si”, “Huracan”, and others.

CANELA - 2013/2014

Canela made an appearance in Puerto Rico for their first International Day of Salsa and conquered the Puerto Rican hearts of those in love with Salsa. “Tamborera”, “Pal Bailador” and a Latinized version of Stevie Wonder’s “Part Time Lover” made Canela’s presence really felt in the great stage of in the island.

CANELA – 2015/2016

This year Peru was one of the preferred platforms. Canela was invited to the anniversary celebration for the city of Callao, sharing the stage with different international artists. The group then recorded “Asi Fue” and “Alguien Que Una Vez Ame” for those who love the romantic style of salsa.

CANELA – 2017/2018

In April 2018 Canela was invited to the National Day of Salsa in Puerto Rico. Among other well-known original songs, a hit song by La Sonora Ponceña, “Borinquen”, is performed and met with unprecedented excitement. Mexico City, in turn, also witnessed an extraordinary visit in June, where all the Mexican public sang along with Canela to all of their biggest hits. In December 2018, Canela accompanied Tania de Venezuela on stage in the Cali Fair and performed her biggest hits such as “Campesino de mi Tierra”, “Ola de la Mar”, “Por Tus Recuerdos”, “Parranda de Navidad”, etc.
To close the year on a high note, “Mi Corazon” was recorded. The song is a catchy tune composed by Alvaro Cuervo with arrangement and production by Andres Gomez. “Mi Corazon” is an upbeat Cumbia with the visual support of a spectacular video featuring beautiful scenery and traditional Colombian attire.

CANELA Cumbias – "Mix Currulaos" - MIX CUMBIANDO

This year, the group decided to continue tropical music by recording live videos of Canela-style cumbias, “Canela Cumbias”, “Mix Currulaos” and “Mix Cumbeando.” In just one month the video had over a million views.

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