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On April 1st of 1992, was born in the city of Cali LA ORQUESTA CANELA, under the direction of María Fernanda Múnera Ricci and Alvaro Cuervo Villafañe. Group that stood out to include brass like Sax, Trumpets, etc. in their compositions. three months after beeing conformed, the group was invited to the first festival of the beer in Cali, with the participation of big groups as: La Sonora Ponceña, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Grupo Niche, Guayacán, among others.
On November of 1992 the first work was recorded under the Music direction of the Mr. Alvaro Cuervo and Mr. Jose Islem Aguirre. On December of that year obtained first prize as "revelation band" in the festival of bands of the Cali Fair. The songs that are included in this recording are: "Asi son las caleñas", "Buen rumbero", "El más afectado", "Todo cansa", "Dos corazones", "Te demoraste", "Que no pudo ser", "No mires atras


After the success obtained with the first work, ORQUESTA CANELA began to look for its own identity with the support of the best musicians and adapters of Colombia and Puerto Rico Under Angelo Torres and Jorge Herrera's production.
An exquisite mixture of flavor is born, opening the frontiers of Mexico and Puerto Rico: "Embrujo de amor". The song "Yo amo a Colombia" included in this recording, represented at that moment a new hymn that led to the support of our outstanding personalities. The songs that are included in this work are: "Embrujo de amor", "Yo amo a Colombia", "Quisiera y no puedo", "Hasta que muera", "Amiga mía", "Un toque diferente", "Siento tu brisa" and "Asi es Canela"


Recorded in PUERTO RICO, for the most prestigious musicians in the gender of salsa. This work was handle by the great producer Angelo Torres, and was concluded in the city of Cali, Colombia under ALVARO CUERVO and Maria Fernanda Munera Musical Direction. As always ORQUESTA CANELA gets in fashion: With the beauty of its integrants, the magic and charm of their voices. The unique style of all its members with the secret formula of their work and the unmistakable energy unfolded talent that irradiates in all the concerts; leaving an aroma and distinctive flavor of CANELA.
"Contaminame", "Dime que quieres", " Juanchito", "Vivo", "Tu intrusa y amante", "No me mientas más", "Tanto nos amamos", "Llueve" these are the songs that are included in the group's third discografic production.


Is the name of the ORQUESTA CANELA fourth discografic production, carried out under the musical Direction of Mr. Alvaro Cuervo and the production, the great adaptist and trombonist Angelo Torres at the studies of MAS AUDIO in San Juan de Puerto Rico, and with the participation of adapter of the size of Tommy Villariny, Ramón Sánchez, broadly recognized in the world of the salsa.
This production of CANELA, the fourth in its four year moment, required more than two hundred hours of recording without including mastering. The songs that are included in this production are: "Hablale a la luna", "Quien más te quiso", Amor de fantasía", "Y ven" of Pandora,"Pero Pasó", of Lizana M. Herrera (Integrant of the band), "Qué tonta fuí", "Tamborera" of Jorge Herrera and "Quiero Rumbear"of Victor Manuelle, Ginno Ramírez and Angelo Torres.


Is the name of the ORQUESTA CANELA fifth discografic production. It consolidates in a single album, what has been the upward musical work of the group from its beginning. With success the record house Codiscos corp. chose the songs that have been successes in different environments, so much national as international. They recognized that in so little time the group stood out like one of the best in its gender, not alone in Colombia but in several Countries of Latin America.
The songs included in this production are: "Embrujo de Amor", "Contaminame", "Quien más te quiso", "Amor de Fantasía", "No me mientas más", "Háblale a la Luna", "Tamborera", "Quiero rumbear", "Yo amo a Colombia", "Juanchito", "Dime que quieres" And " Qué tonta fui".


This year represented the consolidation of the group abroad. They carried out two important tours. One to the countries of the north, United States and the Canada where enjoyed the summer in the magic cities of Miami, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Toronto and Montreal. Another to European countries.
In August, CANELA left taking its music and energy to all the thousands of Latin and Hispanic that were in these countries, longing of the happiness and the Colombian music, as of the beauty of its women. This is the fourth time that the Orquesta CANELA is on tour in the United States, but it has been the one with more achievements alone, as it was presented in places so exclusive as Jimmys Bronx, Copacabana, SOB´s alternating with figures of the size of Pete"EL Conde" Rodríguez, Raulín, Oro Solido, El Canario, The Great one Warps, D.L.G. etc.,and also received the absolute back of the radial stations of New York, like the Mega 97.9. As if it was little the most important channel with which the Latins count in this country " UNIVISION " opened its doors to these Colombian ambassadors.
They made happy thousands of salsa fans when participated in the number one show "Despierta America" Awake Hispanic television America."


This discographic work of orquesta canela was possible thanks to LT music of Venezuela.
Also included as an additional a single of "El mujeriego", song that was the hit on the 44th Feria de Cali (Cali Fair).
El Mujeriego (The player)has the variety of the diferents etnics of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts in a very happy and comercial fussion. This song turned out to be the most played theme during the Fair at Manizalez, Carnivals in Pasto and Barranquilla making the colombian folcklor something unforgettable.


Orquesta Canela comes backs from its International tour, with more flavor than ever, they bring a new song that will enhance those Rumbas (parties) all over Colombia and the world.
After the terrific succes during the Feria de Cali in the previous year with the song "El Mujeriego" (The Player), Canela is more musical with its International touch and will be heard further than our borders.
Canela continues exploring the values of our flolklor combining its roots with International rythm.
During the month of december, Canela presented its fans with the latest hit "Que borrachera", song that turned out to be the succes of the "Feria de Cali 2002". In this way, and for second year in arow, Orquesta Canela was granted the First Place.
There won't be a house or party without this song that will take us back to the "Ferias" of the past, in its clubes or "Casetas" where the fun never ended. And as the song says it: "Que viva la Feria!!"...and I can't answer for me... for what ever may happen.


After their successes in the last two versions of the Fair of Cali with the songs "El Mujeriego" and "Que Borrachera", the Orquesta Canela returns with an unpublished song recording in Miami, under the production of Mr. Gustavo Arenas, excellent international projects as Olga Tañon more recent production who was worthy of the Latin Grammy as better Musical Production."
In this occasion, the proposal of CANELA comes titled "LA PATA DE MI CAMA". A very international song filled with Latin musical shades, which has everything to surely become, not just a success of a year, but a musical event of all times.
The composition of this song was carried out by the Caleña JULIANA BARRIOS and it is characterized by its jocosity and rhythm that it invites to the happiness. One of those so many special topics that to the moment of being listened for the first time, it is live the flavor of clapping and enjoyed until the end. It has a very fresh Pop-tropical sound, resembling each other a lot to project to you for these days at an international level.

2006 Was a year of surprises. In May the Band was invited to tour the US. And this is how visited the Carolinas, New Jersey and New York, Leaving a Colombian flavor amoung its fans that wanted to be with the group where ever it went.

In July again was invited by several states to share with them the festivities of the "COLOMBIAN FESTIVALS", also CANADA, and this is how montreal joins itself to share the Canela flavor. Closing the tour in London, at the "CARNAVAL DEL PUEBLO" (THE PEOPLES CARNIVAL), where more than 80.000 people share and enjoyed the tropical rithm of Canela.....

In December 2006 a single a is recorded, named "Y QUE! ( AND WHAT ! ) written by JAVIER GONZALEZ and under the direction of ANGELO TORRES, Canela goes back to its style of "EMBRUJO DE AMOR".
A video is also made with a very romantic style, produced by CHEPE RENTERIA.

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